Setting-up Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2013 development offlineGP0|#c5bfaa01-8b36-43d0-9d0a-7138e6f3dcc1;L0|#0c5bfaa01-8b36-43d0-9d0a-7138e6f3dcc1|Visual Studio;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#622a2a3e-b232-4024-952a-55c7b56949a4;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213 ‚ÄčThe the Microsoft Web Platform Installer is required to install the add-ons required for developing SharePoint Apps and solution in Visual Studio 2012. If you do not have an internet connection you will need to follow the steps in this article to get the required bits installed.