SharePoint 2013 BI DemoGP0|#55fb27c6-9a9a-4c40-be08-4801ff88eeec;L0|#055fb27c6-9a9a-4c40-be08-4801ff88eeec|Excel Web Access;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#7c66663a-64ea-4c65-9772-9b3a76b4aa65;GPP|#1bc09cbd-f411-45d5-ad40-bb6b715fb72f;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213How to create modern BI solutions using Microsoft SharePoint 2013, PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013.
Share a SharePoint list or library with your teamGP0|#9af53cde-9c69-44bd-bba7-30a35a5d37a1;L0|#09af53cde-9c69-44bd-bba7-30a35a5d37a1|List View;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#1bc09cbd-f411-45d5-ad40-bb6b715fb72f;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213;GP0|#9b1b927b-df18-4a96-ac31-f958024979da;L0|#09b1b927b-df18-4a96-ac31-f958024979da|Send a link;GPP|#0717c9fb-98e8-469a-ba62-c41904d76d32Learn how to share a SharePoint list or library with your team. The video shows a few ways to share a direct link to a list. Email a Link works for everyone, regardless of your permissions. If you created the list or the site the list is on, use the Share With command on the List tab.
Extending the SP2013/Office 365 search hover panel (e.g. adding “post to my feed” functionality)GP0|#65c849ad-5898-4c97-bd5e-0247fcdb2576;L0|#065c849ad-5898-4c97-bd5e-0247fcdb2576|Search Core Results;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#1bc09cbd-f411-45d5-ad40-bb6b715fb72f;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213;GP0|#a362bcc2-2314-4427-ae33-7a45e5012e3c;L0|#0a362bcc2-2314-4427-ae33-7a45e5012e3c|Display Template;GPP|#0b83bd4b-e1d8-4db2-b273-ee9f3f2efb1a ​The enhanced search experience is one of the great things about SharePoint 2013, and the “hover panel”, which shows more information about the result when you hover over it, is a key part of that. Being able to peek inside a document or presentation, or see a preview of a web page without clicking on the result makes for way more efficient searching. Just like search results themselves, the appearance and functionality of the hover panel can be easily extended with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – in this post I am providing some sample code I’ve used in conference talks, which I think highlights things in this area quite well. My sample could be used as-is or modified to provide some other customization to the hover panel.
Can't edit workbooks in the browser that have external data connectionsGP0|#b20346d4-3cda-4fd2-9603-5571a7e5e2db;L0|#0b20346d4-3cda-4fd2-9603-5571a7e5e2db|Upgrade;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#1b064965-36f6-40b1-a474-78053852e564;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213;GP0|#b8094c52-e86a-452d-ab36-1a0091ea9c22;L0|#0b8094c52-e86a-452d-ab36-1a0091ea9c22|Excel Services;GPP|#aa2447c2-0307-4407-bd59-fedab9e12903;GP0|#55fb27c6-9a9a-4c40-be08-4801ff88eeec;L0|#055fb27c6-9a9a-4c40-be08-4801ff88eeec|Excel Web Access;GPP|#7c66663a-64ea-4c65-9772-9b3a76b4aa65;GPP|#1bc09cbd-f411-45d5-ad40-bb6b715fb72f;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427 ​Workbooks with external data connections that use Windows authentication cannot be refreshed in the browser. Instead, you are prompted to open the workbook in the Excel client program. Workbooks that have database or Windows credentials stored either in the Secure Store Service or in the connection string can still be edited in the browser. This change applies only when Excel Web App in Office Web Apps Server is used to view workbooks, not when Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2013 is used. Note You can still refresh these workbooks in the Excel client program. Additionally, a service application administrator can configure that workbooks are viewed in SharePoint 2013 instead of Office Web Apps Server.
Search-Driven Twitter Bootstrap Carousel in SharePoint 2013GP0|#65c849ad-5898-4c97-bd5e-0247fcdb2576;L0|#065c849ad-5898-4c97-bd5e-0247fcdb2576|Search Core Results;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#1bc09cbd-f411-45d5-ad40-bb6b715fb72f;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213 ​Content Search web part introduced in SharePoint 2013 is a powerful tool that lets you easily retrieve and customize the appearance of search results without ever writing a single line of server-side code. In this articel you will see how to display items from a SharePoint list in a Twitter Bootstrap Carousel on any page of your site using a Content Search web part and a custom control and item display templates.