Error in SharePoint Publishing Sites For Default PagesGP0|#1b8879e5-11d6-49b4-a724-cd9f33b08ef4;L0|#01b8879e5-11d6-49b4-a724-cd9f33b08ef4|Web Part Page;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213;GP0|#1b4db159-b3ad-4529-95bb-0c6d3d50bdd3;L0|#01b4db159-b3ad-4529-95bb-0c6d3d50bdd3|Page Layout;GPP|#567da76c-2e72-4db7-9f49-824ae611e7ec Assume you have the following topology SiteCollection (With Publishing Infrastructure and Publishing features enabled) SubWeb (With Publishing feature enabled) You export SubWeb (via stsadm or Export-SPWeb, real SharePointers use the latter of course) and restore it as the root-level web of another site collection. You deactivate and re-activate all of the publishing features, but you still get this error any time you attempt to navigate to create a new page in the Pages library or attempt to work with the site’s “Page Layouts and Site Templates” page (/_layouts/AreaTemplateSettings.aspx).