Users can rest the pointer over a search result to preview and interact with the document or site content in the hover panel to the right of the result. The preview shows rich metadata and has deep links to the main sections of the document or site.



Create a display template in SharePoint Server 2013GP0|#702bc6b8-efa4-448c-a773-525ef81a0f43;L0|#0702bc6b8-efa4-448c-a773-525ef81a0f43|Quick preview;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#0b83bd4b-e1d8-4db2-b273-ee9f3f2efb1a;GPP|#a5205c2f-ad79-446f-8d9e-afd0eeecf427;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213 ​How To Learn about display templates, including how they relate to Search Web Parts, how the templates are structured, how to map properties and use variables and jQuery, and how to create a custom display template in SharePoint Server 2013.