SharePoint Distributed Cache resources



Fixing the AppFabric Cache Cluster in SharePoint 2013GP0|#302dd3c0-d2a4-4ac0-a877-00de0c1671d0;L0|#0302dd3c0-d2a4-4ac0-a877-00de0c1671d0|Distributed Cache;GTSet|#68e31ecf-dbe9-45e0-8a3c-fc6bd6ad0ce6;GPP|#aa2447c2-0307-4407-bd59-fedab9e12903;GPP|#74f9ea2a-fcec-489f-9ca4-da563b559213 ‚ÄčIf the SharePoint Distributed Cace is not working (event log error, Search query not running, login failures etc) then it may be becuse the underlying AppFabric Cache Cluster is not working. Never use the AppFabric UI tool but this artical has good steps to validate the cluster is running OK.