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Once you have set up a library to store video files as per Set up an Asset Library to store image, audio, or video files, ​SharePoint will preview and render files depending on the format, Encoding and Browser on the client.

See the demo site with a range of video files added to an asset library here

Note: Automatic Thumbnail generation works for files uploaded into the asset library but requires that all WFE servers have the desktop experiance enabled. See

The following table summarised how this is done.

​Format ​Primary Technology​ ​​Browser ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​IE 8IE 9​​IE 10FF​​ChromeSaf​
​.wmvWindows Media Player ActiveX​/Silverlight​YesYes​​Yes*​​* Only on Windows -requires add-in
​.wma​Windows Media Player ActiveX​/Silverlight
​.asf​Windows Media Player ActiveX​/Silverlight
​.webm​HTML5​*Yes​Yes​Requires VP8 codec
​.avi​very large files unlikely to be stored in SP
​.m4v (iPod, Iphone wifi, Apple TV)


For more information on HTML5 Video support in browsers, see